Collateral products and additives

ADESIVO ACETOVINILICOTransparent adhesive for general bondings.
ADDITIVO FL Additive for UV detectability to be added to chlorinating agents in the percentage of 5%.
PASTA NERA FLUIDABlack colourant for polychloroprene and polyuretane adhesives.
PELNETDetergent solution to clean brushes and equipments employed during the application of water-based adhesives before their drying.
PECE CRISTALLO Lubricant, water-proofing and a hardener of the sewing cord. It is particularly suitable for the heavy duty footwear preparation.
PECE SUPERSame characteristics of Pece Cristallo but with better smell and stability when melted.
NEO FILLFiller for the bottom levelling before the application of the sole.
ANTIADESIVO SILICONICOSilicone antiadhesion in aereosol bombs.