Solvents and diluents

ULTRASOLV POLISOLSolvent mixture to dilute polychloroprene and polyurethane adhesives.
ULTRASOLV SOLVERSolvent mixture to dilute polychloroprene adhesives.
ULTRASOLV KSolvent mixture to clean PVC or PU soles and to dilute polyurethane adhesives. It is also used as a solvent of Alogen (halogenating powder) in a percentage of 2% in the preparation of bicomponent chlorinating agent for soles in TR and SBR rubber.
ULTRASOLV P 151Solvent mixture to clean soles in PVC or PU.
ULTRASOLV 006Solvent mixture to clean very fat soles.
SMACCHIATORE PER PELLISolvent mixture to clean uppers.